Mack Lube Center Vehicle Services

Mack Lube Center

Vehicle Services

Lube and Oil Change

Oil is your engine's life blood. Stay ahead of problems with regular oil changes!

Engine Diagnostic

when the check engine light comes on, we  decode the trouble and repair it!

Wheel & Tire Services

Slow leaks, balding tread, and uneven wear are signs your tires need service.

Emissions and Inspection

A clean running engine is healthy for the environment and your wallet!

Transmission Services

Clean fluids stop minor transmission issues from becoming major ones.

Fuel System Services

Keep your car running clean saving money everytime you fill-up.


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Why Choose Us ?

Expert Mechanics

We know your car, no matter the manufacturer.

Preventive Maintenance

We make sure your car is in tip top shape.

Expanding Services

We are committed to staying on top of your car's need.

We are growing

We are adding new services and service centers.

We partner with you

Regular customers get reminders of routine maintenance.

Fleet services

We help businesses keep their fleet drivers on the road.

Our Clients Say...

I have an older car that I plan to keep on the road as long as possible. Mack Lube helps make that happen.

Jonathan S.
contract worker
  • 4.50

I put miles on my car and depend on the maintenance reminders I get from Mack Lube.

David B.
  • 4.50

I'm a single mom with a busy law practice. I have never been disappointed with Makc Lube's fast, friendly service.

Michelle G.
  • 4.50